Daniel Vila Boa

Daniel Vila Boa

Founder and Managing Partner at Chilltime

Passionate about building digital products, building them since the age of 14.

Contact me: Linkedin

Best way to contact me is on Linkedin: Daniel Vila Boa on Linkedin.
Work: Chilltime

I am the founder and managing partner at Chilltime.
Chilltime is a Technology and Product Innovation company, based in Taguspark, Oeiras, Portugal. We build digital products including cross-platform apps, responsive websites, 3D animation and games.
Studied: Técnico Lisbon

Studied Computer Science and Engineering at this university.
Técnico Lisboa is a highest ranked Engineering University in Portugal.
Books: Goodreads

Follow some of by books here: Bookshelf on Goodreads.
I love learning new things, most of my reading is focused on biographies, management, leadership and technical books.
Mentor: European Innovation Academy

I enjoy working with creative and smart entrepeneurs of tomorrow, I'm a Head of Mentors (Qatar), Chief Mentor (Qatar & Portugal) at a 3 week program at: European Innovation Academy, Founder Institute and Spark Pitchbootcamp